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Nessmuk’. By yours truly ✅… 154-CM stainless, 7.0 inches overall length, 3.25 inch cutting surface… (wearing that 🔥 Koa/resin hybrid from @peteskustomkoa)……….Brief history of the Nessmuk: George Washington Sears (1821-1890), under the pen name of "Nessmuk," wrote many letters to Forest and Steam magazine in the 1880s. These popularized canoeing, the Adirondack lakes, self-guided canoe camping tours, the open, ultra-light single canoe. It was a happy union of technology and art, nature and life. Sears believed that there were great health benefits from being in the outdoors. Being a rather small and frail man, he also wanted to demonstrate that camping, canoeing and enjoying the outdoors was for everybody and not just the stereotypical rugged he-man types. Sears wrote a general book on camping, Woodcraft, in 1884 which has generally remained in print since then. A book of poems, Forest Runes, appeared in 1887. It has not been republished, and copies are scarce.

Sears was born in Oxford Plains, Mass., Dec. 2, 1821, the oldest of 10 children. A young Narragansett Indian named Nessmuk (meaning "wood drake") befriended him and taught him hunting, fishing, and camping. Later he took that name as his pen name, and also as the name of a couple of his canoes. He often camped and hunted in the then wilderness of Michigan. The Nessmuk knife has recently regained popularity as a great little knife. Its ergonomic shape and belly make it a great slicer and many prefer it for food preparation.


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