The Counselor 2.0 manual opening thumbstud framelock is unparalleled in toughness and timeless elegance.


This Counselor 2.0 features Damasteel, (a patented stainless damascus that is made to be abused, and widely known as the best stainless damascus in the world). 


Steel: Damasteel (Stainless Damascus)

Scales: Titanium/Titanium (Framelock, overtravel stop, carbidized lockbar), Titanium pocket clip

Overall length: 7.5 inches open, Cutting edge: 3.25 inches

Weight: 4.0 ounces

Stainless steel Thumbstud and hardware.

Hidden rotating lanyard tube that takes non gutted paracord for a lanyard/Bead.

All steel has been professionally heat treated and TRUE cryogenically quenched off the vapors of nitrogen in an LN1 cryo chamber at Peters' Heat Treat Inc. , widely known as the best in the world. 

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(Discontinued) Counselor 2.0 Damasteel Titanium scales