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Welcome to Chuck Richards Knives LLC. Our knives are handcrafted with pride in the USA. I started making knives/tools over a decade ago with the help of my wife, a veteran first responder. 

 You could buy an inferior knife, but why would you? There are many out there so don't be fooled! 

Our knives are scientifically heat treated and TRUE DEEP cryogenically quenched at Peters' Heat Treat Inc. Blade Division. 

You may wonder why we don't cut corners and go the extra mile having them professionally heat treated----This is why.

Peters' heats the steel in vacuum furnaces which increases the amount of martensite in the steel's crystal structure, 

increasing it's strength 200-300% more than steel simply quenched in oil or dry ice. The steel is then cooled with evaporated liquid nitrogen at controlled temperatures as low as -317 degrees farenheit. This process imparts very high wear resistance. Peters' not only specializes in knife steel, they also specialize in other applications as well, such as......

- Aerospace components

- Nuclear valves

- Defense

-Firearms, and other essential industrial applications. 

Our knives are tools built to be used and are currently being used by Military, Veterans, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, outdoors(men and Women), Modern pioneers and civilians alike all across this great nation and across the world. 

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